Get More Customer Reviews With Your Own Google Review Link!

Share your Google My Business link and make it super easy for your customers to leave reviews. It’s so simple to create your custom link with this easy tool.

Ever wonder how businesses get those star ratings next to their name when you search in Google? It’s because they have reviews from customers. But sometimes it’s hard for the customer to find your listing to leave you a review. Most of the time you’re probably not even asking them to leave you a review, right? Well that changes today!

Before you being, make sure your business address isn’t hidden. Home-based businesses or service-area only businesses, look at our workaround.

Start by searching for your business below:

Note: You have to verify your business before create a review link then it will display on the google map for the review. Learn how to verify your business.

You can now easily share your Google My Business page with this link in your client correspondence like order confirmations, emails, and more.

Get your own Google My Business Review link now!

  1. Verify your business
  2. Search for your business on the map below.
  3. Confirm your business address is correct.
  4. Click on the “Generate Link” button.
  5. Copy and share your Google reviews link.
  6. Watch the number of reviews soar!

Why should you share your Google My Business Reviews link?

Google likes you when you can show that real people like you. That’s why it’s important to share your link and ask people to give you a review. Plus, when you show up in Google’s searches you’ll have a nice, shiny star rating along with reviews that gives people trust to do business with you!

How do I share the Google My Business Reviews with my customers?

Ask! There are so many ways you can integrate the link into your marketing materials to ask customers to share their experience.

  • Add it to your website
  • Include it in your post-purchase email.
  • Send an annual or semi-annual message to all of your customers with updates and ask them to leave a review of your business.
  • Put it in your regular newsletter, a sign in your lobby, or even put it on your business cards. (Pro tip: When it’s not a clickable link, use or a custom URL shortener to make it a little easier for people to read or remember.)

But what if people leave a bad review on Google?

You want people to leave honest reviews. If they leave something negative, respond to the review and look at it as an opportunity to improve your experience, process or customer service. Not everyone is going to like you all of the time, but if you’re taking good care of your customers and providing a solution to their problem, then most of the time you’ll be a winner in their book!

Workaround for service-area businesses or hidden addresses:

  1. Search Google for your business name, city, and zip code.
  2. Click the Write a Review button in your Google My Business Listing. This will pop-up a window and update the URL in the browser
  3. Copy the updated URL in the address bar
  4. Use your favorite link shortner to shorten the URL
  5. Share your shortened URL and start getting reviews!