SEM & PPC Management

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM or PPC, provides an opportunity for top placement in search results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keyword searches. We can create and manage your paid search advertising campaigns (PPC).  Paid search ads serve as a great compliment to your SEO campaigns, giving potential customers additional opportunities to visit your website. Today, most paid search advertising platforms provide opportunities beyond search including local search advertising, display advertising, and remarketing to past site visitors.  We can tailor a campaign for you which fits with your business and ROI objectives.

Google AdWords

Atlanta Google Partner BadgeWith Google dominating 2/3 of the US search market, Google AdWords provides the best opportunity to reach potential customers. Google AdWords not only allows you to bid on keywords, it also provides the opportunity to advertise on other websites with display advertising, connecting with previous visitors to your website through remarketing and targeting searchers looking for services in your area.

Since 2006, Papaya Internet has been Google AdWords certified through their certification program and is a Google Partner, ensuring that we have best practices in mind when designing and developing your Google AdWords campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Over 1 billion people worldwide use Facebook every day. With Facebook, you can target specific demographics including age, gender, location, and interests providing a deep level of engagement not seen on other advertising platforms. With the shift to mobile, including Facebook Ads in your marketing mix is a must. Let us help you create rich campaigns that can target these active users.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads targets 34% of the US desktop search market on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL search engines. With Bing Ads you can target keywords, list your products and advertise on their content network. Advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network tends to be less expensive than Google AdWords and, while less visible, represents a more affordable complement to your advertising goals.

bing-ads-accredited-professionalAnd as a Bing Accredited Professional company, we have the best strategies in mind to succeed with Bing Ads.

Your Atlanta SEM Company

Proudly supporting Atlanta small businesses with digital marketing services including PPC management and SEO for over 14 years!